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1. A conceited person who tries to appear socially "cool" by obsessivly trying to be everywhere and do everything. These people are most often insecure about their own "coolness" and therefore will attempt to boost their ego by indulging in self-dramatization. In most cases they will arrogantly talk shit about others and exaggerate the social seclusiveness of that person which gives them a feeling of self-satisfaction.

2. Someone who publicly boasts his/her popularity by emphasizing their social presence.
Chris: Dude we are so cool because we are at this party.
James: Yeah we are!
Chris: I hope everyone at school knows that i was here.
James: Me too, they will think we are so popular.
Chris: Dude where is that loser Peter
James: Haha. Dude he just sits at home all day by himself.
Chris: Thats so un-cool.

Mike: Did you hear Chris and James?
Courtney: Yeah those guys are such egoids.
by paulz. November 18, 2006
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