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noun: a term of endearment used among friends on the early New York Hardcore (punk) scene in the early to mid-1980s, usually preceded by the words "yo, yo".
origin: derived from "Egg Bo" a trademarked breakfast sandwich from "Bojangles of America" Restaurant. The expression likely came into use on road trips to out-of-town punk shows. Hungry band members would spot a roadside Bojangles and shout "YO-YO-EGGBO" indicating a desire to stop for food.

"Yo Yo Eggbo" is also a song by NYHC band "The Psychos" featuring Roger Miret, Billy Psycho, Stu Psycho, et al.
Yo, yo, Eggbo, I'm hungry.
Yo, yo, Eggbo, that was a crucial set the Psychos played last night!
by locdogoneLoc April 12, 2017
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