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Well-known on the Internet.
It's pretty pointless unless the efameconverts to real life fame.

Many people on the interwebz try too hard to become efamous.

Person A: "Look at me, I'm efamous!"
Person B: "Congrats! You've been offered a full ride to Harvard for your hard work to efame."
Person A: *Sniff* "My life is complete."

Person C: "You need a life! Find a job, make some friends, and maybe get a girl."
Person D: "Fuck you, noob! I'm uber efamous LOOOOOOOOL."
Person C: "You're an idiot."
Person D: ...
Person D: "No U!"

Being efamous itself isn't necessarily pathetic. However, when one tries way too hard and/or brags about one's efamous status, then we have a problem.
by ZzzoBored April 26, 2009
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When one becomes famous on the entirenet.
"OMGZ i am teh grrl with brestts and pix"

"OMGZ you are teh e-famous"
by Prufrock December 28, 2004
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