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A ghostly convulsion that is seemingly random in nature, but so intense as to make you wonder whether or not the holy spirit (or in some cases unholy spirit) has in fact come down upon you and is shaking you to your very bones.

Signs of ectospasm include trembling with such ferocity that you roll out of bed and hit thine face upon the floor, sudden jerks of the steering wheel while driving that bring you into close proximity of pedestrians (although if anyone asks, you don't know where the red blotches on your car came from), and finally the unconscious performance of midair back flips over pews, or cartwheels down corridors, runways and halls.
I was laying in bed and was just about asleep when suddenly I was covered in ectospasm. When I came to I was on the floor staring at a picture of Mel Tormey. Who the fuck is mel Tormey?

It wasn't my fault your honor, I was driving down the road and passed through an invisible field of ectospasm that caused me to swerve off the road and hit that pedestrian!

Every time I talk to her I have to wipe the ectospasm off my shirt. She's a complete skitzo!

I went to church with my Mom on Sunday and the whole place was covered in ectospasm. Needless to say, before the morning was over with the paramedics had to be called a few times.
by Czaple May 25, 2007
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