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1. Any person that takes their jockular, competitive, and domineering attitude with sports and applies them in outdoor recreational activities.

2. A poser who dresses in outdoor, mountain-worthy gear on a daily basis, like a jock would their track suit and running shoes, to create an appearance of being mountain-worthy, even though they are better suited to the football field, golf course, or the comforts of the ski lodge.

3. One who follows herd mentality and has jumped on the eco-douche bandwagon, thus deciding to take their competitive attitudes and rank personalities to the mountains, rather than the ball fields and golf courses.

4. May use cliche's, such as "bagged a 14er", "peak bagging", and will shorten the names of recreation-tourist towns (eg., Breckenridge becomes "Breck") to stay in fashion. Will also do more talking than doing.
Jenn, the eco-jock bagged a 14er, went downhill skiing, mountain biking, and rock climbing all in the same day, because she drives a Subaru and only eats at Whole Foods!
by killingcolorado August 08, 2011
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