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Easter Pump•kin ee-ster puhmp-kin or, commonly, puhng-kin
1. an episode when you cannot figure out or remember what you are doing or where you are supposed to be. Commonly associated with doing to many things at one time and not able to accomplishing anything. Mothers with young children are commonly associated with this issue.

- Im a confused as an Easter Pumpkin

2. after a full night out on the town you often wake up the next morning with regret or time laps in the evening. Unable to recall how you got home, where all your clothes are,why you have excessive bruising...and in extreme cases who the hell is in bed with you.

-When trying to recall an evening of excessive fun you describe it to your friends as being "messed up like an Easter Pumpkin."

3. confused or disoriented...or fucked up
Im a confused as an Easter Pumpkin


Last night I got Fucked up like an Easter Pumpkin
by hammeredatbookclub November 21, 2013
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