A lad who has to steal, hustle and grind to get where they want to be in life. A culture started in low class Sydney in the 1980s and was the origin of the term and culture of eshay. A earcher was characterized by the clothes they wore, brands such as, Nike, Gant, Polo, Lacoste and Asics are very intergrated into the culture. Not to be confused with a writer, a person who writes Graff. The modern term eshay or adlay is a combination of both, or in some areas eshay can mean a stingy cunt 12yo whos gonna stab ya for ya tim tams. Earchers are men who simply have to do dirty shit to get money. Not something that is chosen to do, but something which has to be done to survive and provide.
"That's Nter he was a OG earcher back in the day"
by iminsomuchpain September 09, 2020
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Earch or Earching or Earcher - Meanng to serach or basically just bogan aorund all day for a specific purpose..

A graffiti adlay earcher ersonpay, will generally be earchinfor paint suply and posi's to do pieces or to bomb.

A homeless earchin cunt , will earch all day for mony and ciggarette butts.
Eshay! Lets go 'earchin' lad!

Man he's such an 'earcher'
by BIG KENOS ONE April 09, 2006
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