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Home planet of the eVo race.
The Island of eVo can be found on Pluto, the planet which recently was disgarded from our solar system because it's shit.

eVoVia consists of 1 island, on this island there are the eVovians: see water based creatures

The land is ran by: Chinese - to make rice.
Prof. Jim: Creates inventions to benifit those of the island: see Magnetic Road Surface and/or Druggie

The Jesus: Founder of the Temple Of Ja, situated on eVo peak: see Huge Mountain and/or Stoner
John: The pimp of eVoVia, he seeks to pwnage women 24/7: see God's Gift and/or LSD fan

Not many people have returned from eVo island to tell the tale, this is because eVo island is so good that you woulden't wish to return to this dump ever again.

More info: see Stoners . Druggies . Suicidal . Overactive Imagination . Crime Scene Investigatiors . Loonies .
Man evo is king
Man evo is legend
Man..evo is stoned
by Jimbo December 10, 2004
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