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eRepublik is a massively multiplayer online strategy game which is set in a mirror world where players, referred to as citizens, join in local and national politics, set economic policy, start businesses and wage wars with other countries.
In eRepublik, you can interact with other citizens, create original content, get a job, start a company, start a political party, or even get your friends together and invade another country - all in just 15 minutes daily.
Personally, I am a "citizen" of eRepublik for almost a year now and I am still thrilled to play this game. If you want to spend an exciting quarter of an hour per day, you can join me and the other citizens in writing the history of this New World.
by Ival April 24, 2009
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An online game in which you are a virtual citizen in the 'eWorld'. The idea sounds good but the game is rather crap. The only reason why people play it is to win back eAustralia from the evil eIndonesians. URL-
Man, this erepublik game blows!
by Pablo90 October 28, 2008
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