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eFagz or eFags is a trolling community which specializes on trolling fat horny men on the internet while observing the reactions and laughing like computer nerds behind their computer screens.

There are over 9000 members in eFagz which are hungry for some trollicious action.

Most of their trolls consist of video playback software in which your webcam is simply a video. They often visit webcam sites such as stickam, tinychat or even your dads garage.
John: Hey Brian look at that sexy young-looking girl on cam!!

Brian: fuck man i'd hit dat ass

??'Amy': hiyaa x shud i proceed further?

JohBrian: FUCK YEH

??'Amy': ok..

JohBrian: Holy fuck look at that pus- WTF??

??eFagz: trolled by eFagz
by ???wat??? November 29, 2009
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