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eBayUI refers to the tendency of certain eBay members to drink large quantities of Pabst Blue Ribbon mixed with anti-depressants such as Lexapro and then go on a bidding frenzy. Very quickly mundane and useless items become the must have item of the year. After a brief black out period the individual then wonders how the hell he is going to pay for all of it.
What the hell I am going to do with 35 vacuum cleaner belts, a penis pump, and a King James Bible with Jesus' words in red? I must have been bidding whie eBayUI.
by Gary Vitalis August 17, 2008
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the new building blocks for all composite components, pages & apps on eBay.
Dude let's ditch this old page and build a new one with eBayUI.
by hon w December 13, 2018
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