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The damn people that steal eBay auctions at the last second when I'm winning.
Locutus is a eBay sniper.
by Webadillo March 01, 2006
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Somebody who won the eBay auction that was "yours" because they practice superior bidding strategies.

When done properly, eBay sniping avoids bidding wars, shill bidding, and losing.
To be a successful eBay sniper, enter the very maximum you are willing to pay when the auction has less than 10 seconds to go. Then imagine the faces on those lowballers you just beat.

Sarah: Wow Mike, how do you manage to get so many great deals on eBay?
Mike: I'm an eBay sniper!
by red-herring February 23, 2010
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Annoying no-lifes who monitor eBay auctions all day before placing a bid at the very last second to prevent anyone else from getting the item, causing frustration and despair to failed bidders.
"YES, 5 seconds to go and that laptop is mine! All for £50!"
"What the shit? Bitch! Some bastard eBay sniper sniped me at the last second!"
by TheRealThing December 01, 2013
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