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Loser american kids (or wannabe american kids) who think they're 'depressed' and moan on about it on the internet all the time, via msn and chat forums/rooms.

If they really knew what depression was, they wouldn't be on the internet talking to others about it.

Usually coupled with poetry that's utterly shite and has a miserable tone to it.
Oh woe my crimson skies, when will it all end (like)

"Life sucks i'm gonna end it like the agony of the night sky"

"I slit my wrists and tell people about it"
by Rhythmic December 05, 2004
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The mental disorder that 95% of myspace users suffer from.
"Oh help, my life is so shit, i wanna die, im suffering from e-depression"

"He was my life, i cant live without him"

"Somebody kill me, i hate life"
by Zolace August 30, 2006
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Common amongst cannabis users, it refers to the emotion one gets when trying to remember the alphabet past the letter E.
JoJo was numbed by e-depression. He tried to focus, but in his raddled mind, he was sure F was not a real letter.
by Ernest McGurkinstein September 07, 2005
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