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A photo of a fake cake that you e-mail to a friend because you were too cheap to spend money on a real cake or gift and too lazy to think of something to get. Usually found on a Facebook application
Dear Cheryl, Happy Birthday please enjoy this e-cake I got you, Love Embrey
by Embrey April 09, 2010
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a cake that tastes like shit so you load a ton of frosting on it and it falls flat because the weight exceeds the cake's threshhold.
Any electronic product that attempt to accomplish something grand but is a major FAIL can be compared to eCake.
by the_clever_one August 11, 2010
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Electronic cake, like email, but is a picture of cake sent for an occasion, birthday etc.
Father couldn't be home for his daughters birthday so he sent a nice birthday ecake.
by quint22cp May 28, 2013
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