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A lesbian who could almost be confused for a man, yet identifies as a woman. If you call her a "he", she will be very upset. She is very adamant about the rights of her sister dykodites. She does not like being called by male pronouns, only female. She and her dykodite sisters celebrate a holiday where once a year they go to the top of mount alesbo and play leapfrog. Or something that looks like it at a distance. There is a lot of shouting, moaning, and laughing and then they all fall to the ground panting and covered in sweat. they don't let men join.
Dykodite: Want to go to Mount Alesbo?

Guy turning around: I have always wanted to!

Dykodite: Gross, you are male. Never mind.
by anonymouserthanallofyou May 13, 2009
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