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Noun. The type of lesbian whose identity is founded on the stereotypical imagery and practices of the common bull dyke. Occasionally referred to by the mature bull dyke as a "baby dyke", they often feel as though they have something to demonstrate to the public. (S)he may find it important to continuously remind her Facebook friends of her dykebian status by posting images of her latest roller derby captioned with her alias "Cuntness Evermean", or sharing the urban dictionary definition of dykebian in profound outrage at the patriarchy and misogyny that is so blatantly obvious in the world but that no one seems to acknowledge.

The mature bull dyke may feel a sense of maternal instinct or may simply be irritated by the dykebian's coming of age.
Hey did you see ____'s latest roller derby photos on facebook? They make her look like such a dykebian.
by Noodleoperator December 18, 2015
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