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Used in most Western lesbian sub-cultures.

A lesbian girl who looks, or who actually is, younger than age 18. Babydykes are usually quite femme (ie: feminine looking & acting) but will often have short hair, and some can be baby bulldykes (ie: hyper-masculine lesbians).
"The other two dykes just came out - one is a complete babydyke, while the other has been watching and learning - she's butching up and won't be a babydyke long."

"These 'experimental' art-videos are so opaque and self-indulgent they fairly scream 'self-financed by a 15 year-old babydyke schoolgirl'".
by Nupe July 17, 2004
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The bars full of baby dykes tonight.
So many baby dykes, must be Memorial Day Weekend in PTown.
by lode June 07, 2004
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A gay girl who is just coming out and know little on gay issues
she is a baby dyke but we can teach her the ways
by Seth-thegay April 23, 2009
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A person who carries the attitude of a lesbian who recently comes out.

Possible signs of a babydyke:
* Force telling everybody her coming out story
* Talk about everything gay nonstop to anyone who would listen
* Dresses up like a gay memorabilia christmas tree
* Emotional dependency: moves in with a person after a few dates. Falls in love frequently
* Have no non-lesbian friends
* Projects everybody else as gay
"Hey look, that hot girl is checking you out!"
"Nah, I don't wanna deal with babydykes."
by Eggzilla August 01, 2008
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A lesbian who is femm and butch at at the same time or only slightly butch.
Stephanie is such a baby dyke. She wears guys clothes but always has her hair and makeup fixed.
by Tabatha April 24, 2005
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