A lesbian who is femm and butch at at the same time or only slightly butch.
Stephanie is such a baby dyke. She wears guys clothes but always has her hair and makeup fixed.
by Tabatha April 24, 2005
A gay girl who is just coming out and know little on gay issues
she is a baby dyke but we can teach her the ways
by Seth-thegay April 24, 2009
A young lesbian or someone who is just coming out of the closet.
Oh my god, my girlfriend Linda won't scissor me, she's such a baby dyke!
by imnottryingtooffendyou October 6, 2010
The bars full of baby dykes tonight.
So many baby dykes, must be Memorial Day Weekend in PTown.
by lode June 8, 2004
baby dyke weekend is the name given by the locals of Provincetown to Memorial day weekend. This is due to the large number of younger lesbians who seemingly invade Provincetown. It is one of the only times when the number of lesbians is higher than the number of gay men. The lesbians present on this weekend tend to range in age from college up to mid thirties, and the spring break feeling of the weekend is undeniable.
Kate and Mary bought thirty racks on their way to Provincetown for baby dyke weekend.
by Agi May 31, 2008
The mysterious inborn quantum-like power baby dykes have to project sexuality instantaneously over any distance.

Baby dyke sex rays can be transmitted in person, over the telephone, via text message, via email, regular post, or even - some would argue - thought itself. The transmission of the sex rays may be intentional or accidental on the part of the baby dyke.

Upon striking most any more mature / experienced lesbian, the sex rays have the effect of an profoundly potent aphrodesiac, and can also foster feelings of protectiveness, friendship, and love.

It should be noted that while some very few lesbians are almost completely immune, most are not, and will usually succumb to the sex rays eventually whether they want to or not.
Dyke 1: I'm going out with Jessica later.
Dyke 2: Dude... She's like 19!!
Dyke 1: I know... I know... She got me with the baby dyke sex rays!
by Honor January 20, 2006