Don't Wank Off


Alternative to saying "calm down" to a person that is so excited about something that they are almost masturbating over the thought of it.
Person 1: "Im so excited for the concert tonight!"
Person 2: "Alright dave DWO"
by file101 March 27, 2012
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Ressurected, being back from the dead
Prime example is:

DWO is back!
by SilkWizard January 20, 2005
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translates as "deffo worth one" ("deffo" meaning definitely)... refers to someone who is very attractive, who you would do!!!
He is sooooo fit, DWO!!
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Dwoes - It is used in a Derogatory manner. it is a Afrikaans Slang for a big idiot (Insult)
Dont be a Dwoes!

UCT people are all dwoeser

by Nazeem Samodien February 07, 2008
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The greatest game ever to grace byond. TOo bad it died a horrible death after someone got too drunk to continue coding.
Great game never going to really die
by Worr_munky January 24, 2005
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