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n: a striaght, expressionless, dead-pan face, combined with direct eye contact. A dutch face is directed by one individual to another in response to insult, ridicule, teasing or a failed attempt at humour. It is designed to demonstrate to the receiver, and others present, the profound lack of interest,enthusiasm or concern and implies utter indifference or mild contempt for their comments. dutch facing - v: the act of adopting a dutch face.
Joshua left the kitchen and joined his friend in the lounge. "your mum's got well saggy bangers" he remarked.
Timothy, said nothing, simply turning to look at his friend and pulling a scathing dutch face of grossly dead-pan proportions.
"you can fuck off with that dutch face you, you... you douche-bag." Said Joshua, his lower lip beginning to tremble at the sheer potency of Timothy's stare.
by Bert Mandrake February 16, 2009
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