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Dutch Bellows: A variation on the 'dutch oven', except this can be done without shoving your partners head under the covers. Simply 1) emit a cloud of dirty ass gas, 2) listen to your partners breathing, 3) when she breaths out,lift your knee under the covers. This brings in some normal air which is mixed with the ass gas. 4) When your partner is on her 'breath in' cycle, lower your knee causing her to suck in some 'dutch oven' dirty ass gas. A typical response would be to wake up coughing, usually followed by a dig in the ribs.
pjm: I had some right dirty ass juice after that curry last night, the whole house stank!

brew: yeah I nearly managed to give the missus a dutch oven last night! but she fell asleep.

gonzo: I got my misses a good 'un with the dutch bellows, she woke up coughing and spluttering - it must have been the madras I had!

pjm: filthy bugger!

by pjm & brew December 29, 2006
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