Durran is a person who misunderstood. They are strong-minded people with goals and plans. They never really stray away from their life plan's People tend to feel that Durrans are cocky and stuck up people. When actually they can be one of the coolest and loyalest people you'll meet. Durrans are extremely intelligent , and tend some are really handsome. They never really like drama and tend to stray away from people who do. They are very closed people. Though they don't always seem like the ideal friend they will make your life more interesting.
Durran is so smart, I should ask him to tutor me.
by TurnDown Fah What? June 10, 2014
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this guy is a complete and utter legend along with his awesome friends that are literally on this website right now
Oh look its durran. hes playing games again.
by yello jello August 31, 2018
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the durran bought a set of golden cutlery
by j1087 March 28, 2022
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the less time you spend with someone you don't like, the more you grow to like them.
"I don't mind him, he's a good bloke now"
"Nah it's just the Durran effect"
by RickySlater56 November 27, 2019
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