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also: Derpid, Durrpid, Derrpid

adj. - Stupid, lame, idiotic or humorless. The faculty of acting retarded. Chiefly used to describe a person. Extra r's may be added to denote higher degrees of idiocy.

n. - A person described by the above adjectives.

From the root word "dur" or "durr," an expression a moron / mentally handicapped person would make or a general expression of idiocy, stupidity or lameness/humorlessness.
"What the hell is wrong with you, you durpid idiot?"

"Sally's brother thinks he's some sort of white gangster thug... he's so durpid."

"You're durpid."

"Shut up, durpid."
by sek-c May 17, 2004
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dumb, stupid, retarded.

see durr
Did you see that fat idiot over there? He's so durpid. Everything he says is like "durrrr!"
by nizou May 18, 2004
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