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Acronym for "Douche Until Proven Otherwise"
Whether they realize it or not, men operate under the instinctual assumption that all random guys are douche bags until shown otherwise. Hence the term, douche until proven otherwise.
Man, Firehouse was loaded with a ton of dupos Tuesday night.
by Molo April 27, 2007
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At Duquesne University: a shorthand for the University's police force. Pronounced DOO-Poe. Generally, all they do is drive slowly around campus in their flashy cars. One should not take the DUPo any less seriously than they would actual police: these are not rent-a-cops.
James: "Here comes the DUPo."

Joe: "Is that my Milano's?"
Sam: "No, just the DUPo."
by whoami3924 December 13, 2009
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A place in Illinois that has tons of crackheads and ugly hoes, we are sorry for the inconvenience but come to the basketball court behind the school and get hooped.
by Fjdjgggj April 20, 2017
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