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one of the worst middle schools in british columbia with kids smoken pot on the back field and drug deals and dealers everywere and nerds gettin beat up for wearing glasses.also the rivals of spencer middle school
dude im going to dunsmuir to score some kush
by cory lahey December 13, 2007
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Literally one of the weirdest towns ever. 80%+ of the population are potheads, all the homeless people are usually veterans from Vietnam who have basically been messed up for good. Apparently they started a KKK sign up too? Also, there was a house that caught fire because someone was running an underground meth lab? Like, come on Dunsmuir. Also, its gloomy like 70%+ of the year. This is the same place where all prisoners were sent in the early 90s too, so that only adds to all the horrible people living there. Aside from that it's cool I guess
"Your from Dunsmuir? *Slight chuckle*, No."
by Japsican Boy June 18, 2018
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