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duhmp nap
verb, dumpnapped, dumpnap•ping, noun

a brief period of sleep on the toilet whilst taking a dump, commonly one taken during the daytime (usually occurs during extreme states of tiredness and/or drunkenness): I dumpnapped the afternoon away.
man 1: "Hey, what're you doing for lunch today??"
man 2: "I was gonna take a dumpnap"
man 1: "AH! Gotcha. That's cool, I'll just catch up with you later then"
by Ra! July 21, 2011
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it's when your at work and feeling lazy as shit and you tell your boss your going to take a poo and take a nap on the crapper.
Man work sucks today, i'm gonna go take a nice healthy dump nap.

you: i'm going to the shitter.

boss: ok
by DDJ!! Dump Napper May 23, 2009
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