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an action in which a witness of another being saying an unintelligent statement calls out "dummies no nothing" and swipes the unintelligent person on the neck with an open hand, causing pain. further, the person who says the idiotic thing may call "self serve", when they are aware of the fact that they have indeed said something stupid, all before the witness can say "dummies no nothing". this is due to the fact that the "no nothing", in "dummies no nothing" implies the uneducated person cannot counter the the dummies that are coming their way. any other witnesses of an unintelligent person saying something unintelligent may also call "witness" after someone has called "dummies no nothing" and they too, can swipe the idiot's neck, also getting their dummies on that select person. to make things even more complicated, before "no nothing" is called and only "dummies" has been called, the stupid being, may indeed call "reverse" and at this point, the swiping of the neck on the dumb person has now turned against the accuser, and they will then be dummied.
Idiot: I want to go to China one day so I can finally try some authentic tacos.
Person Being Spoken To: DUMMIES NO NOTHING! Bring that neck here boi, let me get my dummy scoops.
Witnesses: WITNESS!
*Person Being Spoken To and Witnesses all swipe the Idiot's neck*
by JewChainz18 June 03, 2016
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