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parts of society that are not evolving to a more intelligent state, but rather becoming 'dumbed down' through passive absorption of memes and social media posts about nothing, fake news, misquotes, stolen or uncredited

where people don't think for themselves, become narcissistic, taking selfies and posting online, seeking cheap, superficial praise, and following and giving air to celebrities whose only claim to fame is the same narcissistic behaviour, where ethics, integrity and intellect are not a consideration

for a possible glimpse into the future for this 'type' and where it might take sections of humanity, refer to the 'people' in the 2008 movie, WALL-E

it's the opposite of human intellect evolution (see devolution)
to observe the dumbed down society we're living in, simply go online to any social media platform and look at the trending topics, paid advertisiting, filtered algorithms and other manipulations of the users
by A Minor PC January 17, 2017
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