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Duck bucket: a new term for a wanna be gold digger, who is often fooled to think the person they are with has money and in the end, end up being played and still look like a hoe.
Oh god, shes a duck bucket.

See I told you she was just trying to get money out of you. Thats why i said she was a duck bucket.
by Miss Amaretta September 06, 2014
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A duck shaped device used in chemistry procedures in order to accurately release fluid into a beaker or other measuring device or simply for the joy of ducking the bucket. The proper name of said device is King Duck "Camelback" Bucket the Third.
Ms. Munro: Now children fill your Duck Buckets with random fliff and use them to fill the beaker until there is fliff everywhere.
Me: Well isn't that just dandy.
by dinojones December 01, 2009
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