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a cadillac deville rolling on 20" rims, or a cadillac deville rolling on DUB brand wheels.
Look at Julio's deville rolling on them dubs, now thats a real dubville!
by Molotovman September 09, 2006
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term referring to the city of Watsonville, California. the central coast home of the wildcatz and martinelli's, known for the best sparkling apple juice in the world. located south of Santa Cruz , but north of Monterey.
how's life in dub ville?
by coast2coast January 13, 2006
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Noun- The most legit rave in the history of existence.
"Hey man, do you want to go study at the library with me on saturday night?"

"Are you effing kidding me bro ??!? I'm going to get crunk at DUBVILLE
by Basshead44 March 19, 2011
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