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A way of writing out the ever-so-popular Internet acronym "WTF" which stands for "What The Fuck". It is usually used to be funny, to exaggerate, or be very sarcastic. This method can also be used for any other acronym:

LOL - ell oh ell
OMG - oh em gee

It has also been known that WTF has been pronounced like "wuh-tff" when people try say it like it's spelled, as they would say "Lawl" or "Rawffle" in lieu of LOL or ROFL.
Let's say Timmy and Johnny are playing Counter-Strike:

Timmy: What the crap was that? OMGHI2U81607861048 is using headshot scripts! No fair! A headshot through the wall with an AWP is impossible!

Johnny: OH EM GEE DUBBA YEW TEE EFF??!! Ohnoes! We better report him to the admin so he gets b4nnz0r3d! Timmy, STFU and play.

Timmy: Ohnoes! I got pwnz0r3d!
by Wal-Mart Security June 10, 2005
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