The phonetic spelling of perhaps the most common internet abbreviation, lol. Since lol is an abbreviation to shorten the word, spelling out the expression shows that the term is being used with either sarcasm or great emphasis.
Generic 12 yr old: OMG THATS SO AWSOM!!! LOL!!!!11

Mature user: Wow! You got to level three! Ell oh ell!

Mature user 1: tells funny joke
Mature user 2: Ell oh ell, that's the best thing I've heard today.
by Sub Zenyth November 11, 2005
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Pronouncation of lol, originated on message boards and online chat rooms in late 2004
Bob: Two people walk into a bar (rest of joke)
Bill: ell oh ell!!!
by Matthew (Doko) Miller January 24, 2005
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It's another way of writing out "LOL"
Me: "I dropped my icecream"
You: "elle oh elle"
by betch slap yo' azzz February 4, 2009
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