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when a girl decides she wants to have some fun. she invits people over to play dubalackinu. dubalackinu is the game, in which a girl must quickly, but forcefully humps every single object in the room(includes animate, and inanimate) must be played with over 10 players, and 15 toys. only for enjoyment
Haley was excited to play dubalackinu with her new best friend Ryan. sh invited evry1 over. she cheated so it was her time evrytime. her favorite person 2 hump was definetely Ryan
by jjjjjjdgh November 21, 2007
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a game where you have to hump everyone in the room passionately for 5 minutes, give them a blow job and then move to the bed.
haley invited all the horny guys over to play dubalackinu. She started humping Ryan, sucked his dick then moved to the bed and they made passionate sex the whole night, the next day she ended up with a baby.
by hornyhead January 11, 2008
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