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A really random person. Pronounces words differently to be different, but is really funny. Sometimes he may overdo the funny thing and become super annoying and immature. Has good hair.
-Oh god he's so annoying!
-He's just duany.
-I want hair like that!
by Lpco May 12, 2009
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Original, Tall, Intelligent, Handsome and very Sexual. Duany's enjoys the finer things in life, including his Black Visa, Tommy Bahama gear, and his Scotch. Duany's are the real life version of Sex and the City's Mr.Big. Sometimes when drunk, they have a tendency to put their boxers on backwards.Duany's loves to listen to Jimmy Buffet while trolling the waters for Mahi. They also answer to the name β€˜Captain’. Debonair in their charm and allure. And just like the name, Duany's want things done their way, and won’t order off the menu, Duany's got to customize their own meal. Watch it because Duany's snore, just like a Big Bear.
Girl: you know what these banana pancakes are missing? Pecans...

Boy: You should have been a Duany and told them to make it like that!
by BeachShorty February 09, 2010
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