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back in pre-civil war era, the slaves worked int he fields constantly, and mustve had a hard time getting water...well, it just so happens that i believe they utilized a sort of thin cloth to solve this dilemma: they would set this cloth (in theory) outside on the fields over night, and in the morning, it would be veritably soaked. they would then put it on their head during the day and it would cool them off. this water, of course, came from the dew that settled on the ground over night. however, after the civil war, the slaves (now freed) had no further use for this cooling unit, and over time it became a fashion item...however, it was renamed to 'du-rag' because as we all know, in the 'hip-hop scene' spelling words right isnt 'cool'.
no need for one...just look at dudes heads
by afredo August 02, 2005
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