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A common acronym for the question "down to smoke weed?"; used to inquire if someone would like to smoke marijuana.
"Dude, my cousin left me a ton of pot. DTSW?"
by weedmaster25 December 14, 2009
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The standard mass unit of measure for The Alumni/True Grit. The exact mass is determined by the mass of name sake of the DTSW at the moment in time the term is used. The mass therefore fluctuates (increasing significantly nearing Chinese New Year).

This unit is often used when other forms of weight are not readily available (such as barbells or sand bags).

Another use for the DTSW is for standardized challenges.
Paddler #1: Hey man, I just PR'd on the deadlift!
Paddler #2: Oh Shit! What weight?
Paddler #1: 1.5 DTSWs.

Guy: Damn! No barbells, how am I suppose to do my squat challenge?
Paddler: No worries, Bro. I saw DTSW in the locker room. Just use him.
Guy: Hmmm, it could work. Might be tough though. Chinese New Year was 2 days ago.
Paddler: It's still a DTSW. Just do it.
by MahjonggHeadCheese January 27, 2014
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