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Druso is the type of guy any girl would adore..he’s practically perfect..with the height that is 5’6-5’7 (still growing) dark brown eyes with that dark brown hair makes him look like his own Prince Charming. Most reliable person you can ever meet in your entire life, he is trustworthy, humble, smart and has a fucked up amazing sence of humor, and if you mess with his friends or family last thing you’ll be wanting is mercy.. Druso’s are rare to meet so if you meet a Druso don’t let him go, he might be the best smart guy friend you’ll ever meet..
Mean Guy: (picks on Druso’s friend ) tf you looking at bitch

Druso’s brother:(crying)

Druso: (snaps fingers) oí mates...let’s get him.
by Panda_1 June 24, 2018
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