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A clothing company with soul thats based on the ancient and sacred philosophies of kung-fu.

"Drunknmunky represents all those who are not afraid to be who they want to be."

Quality is top notch. Rivals Triple 5 Soul (555) and Ecko

Style is mostly Urban/Hip-Hop/Ancient and very comfortable.

Every year Drunknmunky adds the Chinese zodiac animal that corresponds with the year.

Every Hoody includes a stash pocket behind the tag.

You can find this label online @ or retails like boathouse or winners.

Expect to pay $70 for a hoody unless you can find an ebay deal.
I just bought a sick drunknmunky sweater, the tag reads "2004 the year of the monkey"
by chuckthefuk January 18, 2006
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