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Drunk Style a.k.a. Drunkard Boxing:
Drunkard Boxing is one of the branches in the ground Kung Fu and is the most advanced one in martial art training. With a unique way in Chinese Kung Fu, drunkard boxing enables boxers to falter, waddle, fall and sway just like drunkards. They blend a series of drunkard-like, unsteady movements, actions and skills of the martial arts like Taichi, Monkey Boxing, Long Fist and Ground Boxing and try to confuse their opponents with special skills which often lead them to surprise triumphs. Execution of the drunkard boxing demands extreme flexibility of the joints as well as suppleness, dexterity, power and coordination all of which can be developed in the course of practice.

This set of style is self-created by Shifuo as a new style combining Ground Boxing, Monkey Boxing and Six Combination Boxing.
Martin: Didja see that fool's drunk-style?

Von: Yeah, it get's 'em everytime.
by Reaction October 30, 2006
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