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One drunk-ass female. Must consist of two of the following four elements:

1) Incoherent story telling, usually accompanied by dramatic hand movements and vivid expressions.

2) The delusion that everyone is taking her shit (ie, car keys, cigarettes, boyfriend, etc...)

3) The inability to say "Wow, that last drink really put me over, I should probably stop drinking!"

4) Constant reassurance to others that she will "totally remember EVERYTHING tomorrow" when in actuality, everyone can tell by the glossy eyed stare that she is completely blacked out.

If you encounter two of these four components in a drunk female, you will be assured a very entertaining time with a drunk jessy. Maybe shortened to dj or D.J.
Wow, that bitch sure was one drunk jessy.

Whenever my girlfiend starts doing shots, she becomes a drunk jessy.

Yea, if Deborah drinks one more beer, she be the drunk jessy of the night.
by Kay Cee September 13, 2006
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