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drunk detective is a phenomenon experienced by millions of teens and people in their twenties, occurring the morning after consuming alcohol to the point of "blacking out". drunk detective is the process by which one figures out what took place during the previous evening after the stage of blackout drunk began. drunk detective can be applied to a wide range of questions from something minuscule like "how did I get from the chair to my bed?" all the way up to "am I in fucking mexico? why do I have a forehead tattoo?" it can also refer to an individual undergoing the drunk detective process. Some experienced drunk detectives like to think of drunk detective as a game.
veteran drunk detectives note almost unanimously that the most valuable tools in drunk detective mystery solving are your cell phone's call history and texts sent and received during the correlating blackout drunk, as well as pocket contents especially receipts.
bro: "what happened to you after McGrath's last night?"

other bro:"I don't know bro, I can't even remember leaving, I have some serious drunk detective work to do"
by uncreative2 June 15, 2014
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