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(this term can be used for any gender and/or sexual prefence)

a person who is promiscuous with both sex and drugs to an annoying and overplayed degree. this person will take anything (drug) if it's free and in the company of fe/males s/he finds appealing. widely known for the combination of drugs and sex either using one to get the other or being given drugs for sex.
i got an eightball and i'm horny; think i'll call up that drugslut buffy and have her pick up a 6pack on her way over.
by nightburne August 13, 2005
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anyone who has basically fucked with every kind of drug
guy 1: Arthur has smoked weed, crack, meth, and even sniffed coke.
guy 2: what a drug slut
by mega millions May 22, 2009
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Someone, anyone, who hangs around talking bollox, and small talk to get access to your drugs or stash. They act all friendly but they only want one thing.
1)Look, check out susie chatting to jimbob. She's such a 'drug slut'.
2)Went to a club the other day and it was full of 'drug sluts'
by Adzrhys1 August 27, 2007
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Girls who dress and apply make up to appear as drug addicts for attention and/or sympathy.
"God Stacey is such a drugslut, look at her make up she's so pale"
by KnuckleDeep October 16, 2014
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