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To transfer something (usually large) out of a specific carrier of any kind to an extraction point, this can either be done by force, voluntarily, mechanically and/or extracted. Although there are many ways to use this definition, it prominently refers to the drug-selling business where the drug dealer (supplier) hands his kilo worth of goods to a transprter (mailman) to distribute towards another city, state, or country. Many East Atlanta rappers talk about how d-boys ship their chickens off to Mexico or Columbia or any other Latin American country. That's because their value in these foreign countries is drastically higher than its value here in the U.S. And there is a reduced chance of getting caught in the act if you play your cards right.
I had to make some money somehow so i signed up for a top-secret experimental job in Thailand and all i had to do was drop a shipment of brown boxes towards each of the deep valley towns mapped down on my GPS navigation system on my UPS truck. Guy: "How much does a worker usually get paid?" Me: "Like a shitload of paper, but if you know how i roll all those stacks of paper is gone after one night on the rise" Guy: "Well, that was interesting. It gives me something to think about the next time i drop a load." Me: "Yeah, that cargo is no joke, and things can get real ugly on its dirtiest and problematic days but hey it's easy money to me and i'm good doin this." Guy: "Glad i don't have to worry bout doin this. Sounds like a real turd if you ask me."
by ogdajuiceman June 26, 2010
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