1. A large grouping of squickens.

2. A name for a group of people that stand out as being random, different, and/or obnoxious.

2. The drood that hung out underneath the bleachers were giving each other piggy-back rides again.
by TheHippie. April 10, 2011
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A character in the Everquest MMORPG's. This is not a definable character type but rather one who exhibit's certain traits. For example: being a moron, having spell's that other characters would find useful but charging exhorbitantly for, inability to speak in English - can only speak l33tspeak, cannot spell, shits pizza and red bull, doesn't know how to play the game, think's he's l33t (strangely, only male's aspire to being a drood) and probably has a face like a meeting of the worlds worst acne.

In other words, the annoying prick in the game that spoils the enjoyment of others.
Player 1: /ooc Could someone please direct me to Fippy's hill?"
Drood: /shout n00b! u suxx its east out over TS!! no00b!
Player 1: /ooc Um...
/drood: /shout LOLOLO! /d me i r0ck00z
Player 1: Sorry?
/drood: /shout /d me n00b
Player 1: /quit
by Flatster October 28, 2005
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