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The incorrect term for the under-appreciated genre known as Drone Doom. Quite probably some of the most atmospheric music in metal today, it features minimalistic riffs and sounds to paint a picture in your mind. The lyrics deal with abstract concepts, but usually are melancholic as a whole.
The correct term for drone metal is "drone doom," as our "Deathfuckingmetal" dumbass doesn't seem to know.

Download any Sunn O))) song, it'll make your skin crawl. In the best way possible.
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A slow, ambient form of metal, an off-shoot of doom metal. Music in this genre is characterized by very long songs consisting of ambient noise, few vocals, and generally a repetitive drum and bass line. Music targeted for stoners. Bands like this include Halo and SUNN (((O
Not considered real music; people hate this stuff. People feel that artists like these shouldn't be signed to labels when "real" artists still go unnoticed.
by Deathfuckingmetal May 08, 2005
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