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Main Entry: drogue
Pronunciation: 'drOg
Function: noun
Etymology 1: Anthony Burgess’ _A Clockwork Orange_.
Date: circa 1971
Etymology 2: probably alteration of 1drag
Date: 1875
1. A toady. A cohort. A person that you use as a pawn. Someone that goes before the leader to take the main assault. A friend by convenience.
3 a : a cylindrical or funnel-shaped device towed as a target by an airplane b : a small parachute for stabilizing or decelerating something (as an astronaut's capsule) or for pulling a larger parachute out of stowage
3 : a funnel-shaped device which is attached to the end of a long flexible hose suspended from a tanker airplane in flight and into which the probe of another airplane is fitted so as to receive fuel from the tanker.

*Definitions 2-3 derive from Merriam Webster.
I sent my drogue to steal a car before we went out that evening.
by Nco November 15, 2003
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