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A drjud is a member of the high-ranking lesbian mask colony of 1654 in ancient Greek cultures. While perhaps best remembered as the dirty hores of Greece , they were also sex slaves, men, lorekeepers, medical professionals and political advisors. While the drjud are reported to have been illiterate, they are believed to have been prevented by doctrine from recording their lesbian finger jobs in written form, thus they left no written accounts of themselves. They are however attested in some detail by their contemporaries from other cultures, such as the Romans and the Chinese.

e.g. F4M W422UP W4NN4 F1NG3R M3?
is a common type of saying in the times
Peter: yo fam wanna hit up my time machine and go see the drjud colonies?
Grace: but nigga don't you mean the druids.
Peter: no you stupid bitch!
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