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The distinctive kind of senseless depression one experiences after heavy alcohol consumption which typically consists in listlessness, malaise, lack of motivation, and vague feelings of guilt and remorse, even when one *didn't* seize the opportunity to go balls deep in one's best friend's barely legal girlfriend.
Jack: Want to go see that new crappy M. Knight Shyamalan movie?

John: No, I had fifteen Jager shots last night and now I'm suffering from a mild case of drinpression. I think I'll just waste the entire day watching porn and googling myself. I feel like such a twat after last night.

Jack: Why do you feel like an asshole? You didn't even cheat on your girlfriend last night! All's well that ends well, right?

John: Yeah, I guess. Whatever. But I'm still not leaving the house. There's no point in anything anyway. I'm too drinkpressed to even masturbate -- I'm such a waste of life. Fuck, I can't wait til this drinkpression goes away.
by nb c lo June 15, 2008
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