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An obscure phrase from SUNY Maritime's version of the song "Anchors Aweigh". The dome being referred to was an observation dome located above Fort Schuyler for weather and celestial readings. Within the industry, alumni from this college were even refereed to as Domers' for this unique landmark of the campus. This traditional phrase was basic MUG (Midshipmen Under Guidance) knowledge up until recent years. However with the decline of quality in MUG training, small tidbits of traditions like this have begun to fall to the wayside. Adding to the problem the recently retired Admiral of the college (who was not a graduate of Maritime) didn't understand the traditional integrity of the monument. As a result he had it removed because of the fact that it no longer had any practical application.
(Alumni in a bar)

Captain1: "Hey remember that night on campus when we Schmidty got really drunk and we convinced him to sneak into the tunnels under the fort?"

Captain2:"haha yea! good times back on Maritime campus. Lets drink to the dome!"

Captain1: "To the dome!"
by SAIL0R JERRY July 30, 2011
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