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The act of sewing your penis into a woman's vagina while she salivates heavily and complains about how much her life sucks. Satisfaction is never achieved and this is an incredibly painful and possibly fatal process. No one should drew parker anyone else, and whoever it is named after should kill themselves for inventing such an awful act. Also referred to as dping, drewpying, and fatality intercourse.
Man: Hey baby you wanna get drew parkerd'?
Woman: If you ask me that again I will castrate you. you promise?

News Reporter: Today we honor the 20 victims of the drew parkering orgy that happened in this convention center. We should remember that drew parkering is a fucked up process invented by the devil himself in a twisted plot to kill all mankind. Fuck whoever invented this move, fuck you drew parker!
by guitarbanjo1994 September 15, 2010
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