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Halloween. That blessed day that occurs once a year when every young woman knows she can get away with dressing just as sluttily as she wants. Characterized by drunken parties, slutty costumes, fishnet pantyhose and lots of tipsy girls lurching around in hoochie heels they obviously don't know how to walk in. Thank you, American costume industry!
I fucking love Dress Like A Slut Day! You get candy and dick all at the same time!

Dress Like a Slut Day is awesome! You hang out at the bars with all the drunk Nightshift Nurses, Slutty Schoolgirls, French Maids, and Naughty Cops tottering around in their slutlettos. Then you pick one up and bang her!

Dress Like A Slut Day lets me dress the way I wish I could every day...
by qizznipper October 20, 2013
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